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Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Decisions, Reviews and Complaints

If you are unhappy with a decision or with the service you receive, in the first instance, you may contact NILGOSC informally to try to resolve the issue or problem. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, the Committee has a two stage process for reviews and complaints.

Stage 1

You should write to the Secretary or use the Reviews and Complaints form (*PDF, 56kb) giving details of your complaint or asking for a review of the decision you are dissatisfied with. Your complaint or request for a review must be made within six months of the event or decision giving rise to it. The Secretary will inform you of his decision within two months, outlining the legislation and policies taken into account when making the decision.

Stage 2

If you are dissatisfied with the Secretary’s decision under stage 1, you may write to the Committee asking them to reconsider the decision, attaching a copy of the stage 1 notification and explaining why you still remain dissatisfied. The request must be made within six months of receiving the Secretary’s decision. 

A stage 2 review is the final stage in NILGOSC's reviews and complaints process. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of this review, a number of external organisations may be able to assist you.

The information above is only a summary of our process. Full details and further information on the organisations available to help can be found in the Decisions Reviews and Complaints (*PDF, 1,043kb) guide. 

If you have a complaint or dispute concerning your workplace or personal pension arrangements you should contact:

The Pensions Ombudsman

Tel: 0800 917 4487


If you have general requests for information or guidance concerning your pension arrangements contact:

The Pensions Advisory Service

Tel: 0800 011 3797                               



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