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Deferred Members FAQs

What happens if I move abroad?

Please ensure that you keep us updated of your changes in address.

If you remain abroad until retirement we can make arrangements to pay your pension into a foreign bank account using a global transaction service. Payments made to a foreign bank account could take up to seven working days longer than domestic payments.

What happens if I am separated from my spouse or civil partner?

While you are separated, your spouse or civil partner continue to be entitled to survivor's benefits.  You may wish to update your Expression of Wish form so that NILGOSC is aware of your wishes for payment of any death grant.

What happens if I get divorced or my civil partnership is dissolved?

If you get divorced or your civil partnership is dissolved your ex-partner is no longer entitled to survivor's benefits.

If your Scheme benefits are subject to a Pension Sharing Order or Earmarking Order your benefits will be reduced in accordance with the Court Order or Agreement.

If you remarry, enter into a new civil partnership or have an eligible cohabiting partner who will receive a survivior’s pension, any pension payable following your death will be reduced to take account of the pension share.  Benefits payable to eligible children will not be reduced because of a pension share.

Can I assign my benefits to someone else?

You cannot assign your pension benefits to someone else nor use them as security for a loan.

I think I may have deferred benefits in the LGPS (NI), how do I find out?

If you had previous employment with one of our contributing employers you may have deferred benefits in the LGPS (NI).  Please complete a past-service enquiry form (*PDF, 300KB) and return it to us so we can check our records.  If you previously worked in the Health Service, Civil Service or as a teacher, please contact Waterside House on 028 71 319 111.  If you still cannot locate your pension the Pension Tracing Service may be able to assist you on 0800 731 0193.

Can I transfer my benefits to another Scheme?

If you leave the Scheme at least one year before your normal pension age, or the earliest age at which you are entitled to receive unreduced benefits, and you are entitled to deferred benefits you may transfer the cash equivalent value of your pension benefits into a new employer’s scheme (if they are willing and able to accept it), a personal or stakeholder pension scheme, or a ‘buy-out’ insurance policy. The method of valuing the cash equivalent of your pension rights complies with the requirements of the Pension Schemes Act 1993 and any value quoted is guaranteed for three months.

Can I get my benefits before my normal pension age?

You can elect to retire and receive your deferred benefits from age 55 onwards.  If you retire between age 55 and your normal pension age your benefits may be reduced to take account of their early payment and the fact that your pension will be payable for longer.  If you joined the Scheme before 1 October 2006 you may have some protections under the Rule of 85.  

Can I apply for ill-health benefits as a deferred member?

If you become ill before the date on which your deferred benefits are payable, immediate payment may be made if it is established after a medical examination by NILGOSC's Occupational Health Consultant, that the illness is permanent and would have resulted in your retirement on medical grounds had you still been in the employment to which your deferred benefits apply.

Application should be made to NILGOSC in writing, accompanied by a current medical certificate stating the permanency of the illness. 

Please use the the LGS22B Ill-Health Medical Examination Request Form for a Deferred Member (*PDF, 526KB).

Why have I been made a deferred member of the pension Scheme, can I get a refund instead?

Deferred benefits are awarded to members if they leave the Scheme after having more than two years' membership or have transferred other pension rights into the Scheme.  You can only get a refund if you have less than two years' membership in the Scheme.

What information will you send me each year?

Each year we will upload a pension benefit statement and a copy of the Deferred Members’ News to your account on My NILGOSC Pension Online.

Your pension benefit statement will show the current value of your deferred pension benefits.  If you do not receive a pension benefit statement it may be because we do not have details of your current address.  If you think this is the case, please complete and return form LGS24 – Change in Circumstances (*PDF 235KB).

The Deferred Members’ News describes items that we hope will be of interest and contains a brief summary of the accounts.

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