Forms and spreadsheets

Forms for employers to help manage the Scheme for your organisation.

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Letter D
To be issued to workers who, after commencement of employment, and after the employer’s ‘staging date’, become a non-eligible jobholder or an entitled worker for the first time, are not members of the LGPS (NI) and have a contract of employment for 3 months or more.
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Letter B
To be issued to eligible jobholders who are being automatically enrolled into NILGOSC under the automatic enrolment rules.
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LGS6 – Remittance Form
This is a summary of all employee and employer contributions which should be completed on a monthly basis and emailed to our Finance Department.
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SS11 – Election to re-join the main section of the Scheme
For member to complete. On receipt of this form the employer should put the member back in the main section from the beginning of the next pay period.
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SS12 – Election to join the 50/50 section of the Scheme
For employer to complete. The employer should use this spreadsheet to notify NILGOSC of movements to the main section.
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LGS13 – Waiving Reductions
This form should be used to notify NILGOSC of an employer’s wish to exercise its discretion to waive members’ reductions or apply the Rule of 85 on early retirement before age 60.
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LGS15 – Leaver’s Form
To be completed for all leavers, i.e. entitled to immediate benefits, not entitled to immediate benefits, death in service or moving to another employer in the Scheme.
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LGS15 – Leaver’s Form Guidance Notes
Guidance notes for LGS15 - Leaver's form.
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LGS16 – Employer Notification of Employee Leaving
Advance notification of a Leaver with date of leaving after 31 March 2015.
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LGS17 – Employer’s Request for an Estimate of Retirement Benefits
To be completed by employer to request pension benefit and capital cost figures.
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SS17 – Bulk Quote Request Spreadsheet
To be completed by employer to request bulk quotations for members aged between 55 and 65 e.g. bulk redundancy quotations.
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LGS19 – Death Notification Form
If a member dies in service, you should complete LGS19 immediately and LGS15 as soon as possible.
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