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My service looks wrong?

The Membership Details page displays current and any previous employment information. In this section when referring to employments this includes any changes to your contract which has occurred during your membership.

A change in contract may refer to a change in your hours, whole-time equivalent hours, contracted weeks and any other contractual changes.

Any membership built up from pension benefits transferred into the Scheme and from periods of concurrent membership that have been added to this record from a previous LGPS(NI) pension record which have now ceased are also displayed. We will have previously notified you of such amendments.

The membership (years/days) shown on this page is displayed as the whole-time equivalent service accrued during the period of employment. Therefore for a period of part-time employment your membership is reduced to its whole-time equivalent length. For example, if you work half-time for ten years, your benefits would be calculated on five years membership, but the pay used would be scaled up to a whole-time equivalent.

Note: From 01 April 2015, we no longer require employers to update us on changes to your employment contract as from this point we entered the Career Average (CARE) Scheme. Therefore, current details may not reflect any changes after this date.

If you still have concerns regarding your membership, please submit a query from the contact us section of My NILGOSC PensionĀ OnlineĀ or contact the NILGOSC administration team on 0345 3197 325.

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