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NILGOSC calls on Rio Tinto for more Climate Risk Disclosure

13 April 2016

NILGOSC co-files a resolution calling on Rio Tinto to provide greater disclosure on its preparations for climate change.

Cost of Living Increase applied to Pensions in Payment

12 April 2016

In April 2016, there will be no increase to your local government pension.

NILGOSC Re-appoints Aon Hewitt

05 April 2016

Confirmation that NILGOSC has re-appointed Aon Hewitt as its Investment Advisor for the pension fund.

Guaranteed Minimum Pension Increases from April 2016

03 March 2016

On 1 March 2016 the Government announced changes to how pension increases are to be applied to the Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) from April 2016.

Authorised Unpaid Leave for the Education Authority Employees.

10 February 2016

Important information for employees of the Education Authority who are looking to cover periods of authorised unpaid leave.

Public Sector Exit Payment Recovery Regulations Consultation

19 January 2016

HM Treasury has issued it's consultation on the public sector exit payment recovery regulations.

Consultation on Draft LGPS Nursery Assistant Amendment Regulations

19 January 2016

The DoE have issued a consultation to amend the LGPS (NI) regulations following a collective agreement reached by nursery assistants.

Vacancy: Appointment of a New Committee Member

11 November 2015

The Department of the Environment wishes to appoint a new member to the Northern Ireland Government Officers’ Superannuation Committee (‘the Committee’).

Exit Payment Cap Response

17 September 2015

HM Treasury publishes its response to the consultation on Exit payment Caps

Pension Benefit Statements Issued

28 August 2015

Active member Pension Benefit Statements for the year 2014/15 will be issued during September 2015.