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NILGOSC backs CDP’s 2024 Non-Disclosure Campaign

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NILGOSC has joined 275 other global financial institutions, representing over $21 trillion USD in assets, in requesting environmental impact data from almost 2,000 high-impact companies.

The global non-profit CDP (formally the ‘Carbon Disclosure Project’) has launched its 2024 Non-Disclosure Campaign. Between June and September 2024, lead participants and co-signers will engage with a total of 1,998 targeted companies (up from 1,590 in 2023), requesting disclosure of their environmental impact data.  The campaign specifically engages companies that have not previously reported environmental data through CDP.

The targeted companies will be urged to report data on their climate change, forests and/or water impacts through CDP’s questionnaire, creating essential data for action.

The single questionnaire is aligned to international frameworks, requesting data which is compatible with: International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); the Taskforce for Nature related Financial Disclosures (TNFD); and core European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) datapoints. As well as boosting transparency for investors, by disclosing via CDP, companies can use their own data to boost access to capital, enhance competitiveness and meet compliance obligations.

NILGOSC, alongside the 275 other supporters, believe that increased corporate transparency in environmental reporting is key to making informed investments for a sustainable future. Following the end of the disclosure period, all disclosures will be analysed by the CDP’s team and results will be shared with participants. The 2023 Non-Disclosure Report can be found on the CDP’s website.

The full list of companies targeted in the current 2024 campaign, as well as a list of investors involved in the campaign, can also be found on the CDP website.

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