NILGOSC News: Members

If you have pension rights in another public service pension scheme where Club Transfer rules apply

Providing you have not had a break of more than five years between leaving another public service pension scheme and joining the Scheme and the election to transfer is made within 12 months of joining the Scheme, the transfer may be dealt with under Club Transfer rules. The amount of extra pension which is added […]

If you have pension rights in a non-LGPS arrangement

If you have paid into another pension scheme you may be able to transfer these benefits into the Scheme.  The other pension scheme must be another registered pension scheme or from a European pensions institution. You have only 12 months from joining the Scheme to elect to transfer your previous pension rights or such longer […]

Will there be a cost to my employer?

There may be a cost to your employer depending on a number of factors: Your age at the date of retirement. In the event of redundancy, although you are retiring early, you are entitled to the immediate and unreduced payment of your Scheme benefits. Your employer will be required to pay to the Scheme any […]

Can I use some of my redundancy payment to buy a larger pension?

No, but your employer may award additional pension in certain circumstances and you should discuss this with them if you are interested in finding out if this could apply to you.

Can I use my statutory redundancy payment from my employer to increase my NILGOSC benefits?


What will my statutory redundancy payments be?

NILGOSC does not calculate statutory redundancy amounts and your employer will advise you of your entitlement to statutory redundancy. More information on entitlement to redundancy pay is available at the **Directgov website.  A statutory redundancy calculator is available at **

Do I still need to pay National Insurance Contributions after I take voluntary redundancy to keep my State Pension entitlements?

The contributions you have paid during your working life will determine your level of State Pension. If you retire before the State Pension age you may want to think about making some top-up contributions either to boost the amount of your State Pension or to make sure that you will get bereavement payments for widows […]

Will taking voluntary redundancy affect my entitlement to any state or social benefits?

Your pension will be classed as taxable income and you should check with the relevant benefit agencies if this income will affect your entitlements. You should always declare the pension payments you receive when applying for benefits.

We all accepted voluntary redundancy and everyone else has got their retirement pack – why haven’t I?

There are a number of reasons why your retirement pack has not been issued. NILGOSC may not have received the paperwork from your employer or NILGOSC may require further information from your employer. A member’s record is thoroughly checked before final payment of benefits is made and sometimes queries arise which may delay issuing the […]

Why does my retirement pack show my benefits as lower than in my annual benefit statements?

Each year, we issue you with an estimate of your accrued benefits to 31 March of that year, based on the pensionable salary your employer has provided at 31 March and the membership history we hold for you. If we subsequently discover that any of this information is incorrect, we must correct it on our […]

If I accept the voluntary redundancy with a date of leaving in 3 months time, can I pay anything now into the Scheme to increase my benefits?

You will not be able to make regular Additional Pension Contributions to the Scheme to purchase additional pension, as the minimum term permitted is one year.  However, you could make a lump sum payment.  In addition, you may be able to make Additional Voluntary Contributions through our current AVC provider, Prudential, provided that the contributions […]

Can I keep on paying into the Scheme if I take voluntary redundancy?

No. The Local Government Pension Scheme (Northern Ireland) is an occupational scheme administered by NILGOSC on behalf of your employer, so when you cease to be employed by that authority, you are no longer eligible to pay into the Scheme.