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If you have pension rights in a non-LGPS arrangement

If you have paid into another pension scheme you may be able to transfer these benefits into the Scheme.  The other pension scheme must be another registered pension scheme or from a European pensions institution.

You have only 12 months from joining the Scheme to elect to transfer your previous pension rights or such longer period as NILGOSC may allow.
If you elect to transfer your pension rights from a non-LGPS arrangement then a sum of money called a transfer value is offered to buy you an amount of extra pension that is added to your pension account.  The extra pension is added to your pension account in the year that the transfer payment is received.

You will need to consider carefully whether to transfer or not as a transfer may not always be in your best interests.  You may wish to seek the help of an independent financial adviser.

NILGOSC does not have to accept a transfer in and can decline it.

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