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What information must employers provide to employees about automatic enrolment?

One of the key employer duties under automatic enrolment is to provide certain information to workers.  All employers will have an obligation to provide specified information to their workers within prescribed time limits.  For example, employers must give information to eligible jobholders who are being automatically enrolled.  This information must include details of what automatic enrolment means for them, their right to opt out and opt back in and where they can find further information about pensions and savings for retirement.  Employers must provide this information by no later than six weeks after the eligible jobholder’s automatic enrolment date.  All information under the employers’ information duty has to be provided in writing, which can include sending information by email, but will not include merely putting information on a company intranet or noticeboard.  The information to be provided in writing to a worker must be direct, for example via a letter, email or payslip message.  It must be personalised (e.g. Dear Mr Smith) for workers who are not already Scheme members, but can be non-personal (e.g. Dear Member) for employees already in the Scheme.

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