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The Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure

The following information provided is a summary of our process.

Stage 1

You should write to the Secretary or use Reviews and Complaints form (56KB, PDF) giving details of your complaint or asking for a review of the decision you are dissatisfied with. Your complaint or request for a review must be made within six months of the event or decision giving rise to it. The Secretary (or appointed person) will inform you of his decision within four months, outlining the legislation and policies taken into account when making the decision.

Stage 2

If you are dissatisfied with the Secretary’s decision under Stage 1, you may write to a panel of the Committee asking them to reconsider the decision, attaching a copy of the Stage 1 notification and explaining why you still remain dissatisfied. The request must be made within six months of receiving the Secretary’s decision. The panel of the Committee will inform you of its decision within four months from the date the application for review was received. Stage 2 review is the final stage in NILGOSC’s reviews and complaints process. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of the review, the following external organisations might be able to assist you:

The Pensions Ombudsman

The Pensions Ombudsman (TPO) deals with complaints and disputes which concern the administration and/or management of occupational and personal pension schemes. Contact with TPO about a complaint needs to be made within three years of when the relevant event happened or, if later, within three years of when they first knew about it (or ought to have known about it). There is discretion for those time limits to be extended. The Pensions Ombudsman can be contacted at:

10 South Colonnade,
Canary Wharf
London, E14 4PU
Tel: 0800 917 4487
Email: [email protected]

Complaints can also be submitted via the complaint form online:


MoneyHelper can assist with general requests for information or guidance concerning pension arrangements and can be contacted at:

5th Floor,
120 Holborn,
London, EC1N 2TD
Tel: 0800 011 3797

The Northern Ireland Public Service Ombudsman

If an individual thinks they have been treated unfairly by the Committee or remains dissatisfied with NILGOSC’s response, they can complain to NIPSO. Complaints must be received within 6 months of the date of the Stage 2 review decision letter from NILGOSC. NIPSO can be contacted at:

The Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman
Freepost NIPSO
Belfast BT1 6HN
Telephone: 028 9023 3821
Freephone: 0800 343424
Email: [email protected]

The Pensions Regulator

TPR is the regulator of work based pension schemes and has powers to protect members and help put matters right. If individuals have a concern about their workplace pension they can contact TPR. The Pensions Regulator can be contacted at:

The Pension Regulator
Telecom House,
125-135 Preston Road, Brighton,
Telephone: 0345 600 7060

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