NILGOSC News: Deferred members

Can my cohabiting partner receive pension benefits?

Pensions for eligible cohabiting partners were introduced from 1 April 2009 and only apply to deferred members who were active members in the Scheme from this date. If you wish for your cohabiting partner to receive a pension if you die your relationship has to meet certain conditions laid down in the Scheme’s regulations.

What happens to my benefits if I die before I receive them?

If you die before receiving your benefits, dependants’ pensions may be payable along with a Lump Sum Death Grant.  The value of the death grant depends on when you left the Scheme.   If you left from 1 April 2009 the death grant is five times the current value of your annual deferred pension If […]

What if I re-join the Scheme at a later date?

If you re-join the Scheme you will begin to build up new pension benefits in addition to your deferred benefits.  We will give you the option to join these two sets of benefits together within twelve months of re-joining the Scheme.  For more information click here.

Can I start paying in to the Scheme again?

You can only contribute to the Scheme if you are employed by a Local Government employer.  A list of the employers who participate in our Scheme can be found here.

I have joined a different pension scheme. Can I transfer my LGPS (NI) benefits to my new scheme?

You may be able to transfer the value of your pension to another occupational pension scheme, personal pension or stakeholder pension scheme. If you are thinking of transferring your benefits, particularly to a personal pension or money purchase arrangement, you should take independent financial advice and beware of unauthorised companies.  More information can be found […]

Can I have a refund of my deferred benefits?

If you have deferred benefits with the Scheme you will not be able to have a refund of the contributions you paid. You may be able to transfer the value of your pension to another occupational pension scheme, personal pension, stakeholder pension scheme, or you can leave your benefits in the Scheme until you reach […]

Do I need to contact you when I would like to retire and claim my deferred benefits?

Yes.  It is your responsibility to advise NILGOSC that you would like to claim your deferred benefits at least two months before the date which they become payable.

How much pension can I exchange for a bigger lump sum?

There are limits to how much pension you are allowed to give up for a bigger lump sum.  If you have registered for My NILGOSC Pension Online you can use the benefit projector to show the variations of lump sum that you can take.

Can I take the lump sum early and leave the pension until later?

No.  You must take your pension and lump sum at the same time.  

Can I take my benefits before my Normal Pension Age (NPA)?

You can elect to retire and receive your deferred benefits from age 55 onwards. If you retire between age 55 and your NPA your benefits may be reduced to take account of their early payment and the fact that your pension will be payable for longer. If you become ill before your deferred benefits are […]

When will my benefits be paid?

Your benefits will be paid to you without any early retirement reductions on the date shown in the box entitled ‘The above benefits are payable from’ on your statement.   You can choose to claim your benefits early; however they may be reduced as they will be paid for longer.  You can find more information […]

I have a query about my State Pension, who do I contact?

In April 2016 the government simplified the state pension by replacing the existing basic State Pension and additional State Pension with the new single-tier State Pension. As a result the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is no longer able to supply us with details of your state pension. You can receive an estimate of […]