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Equality Scheme

Equality Scheme

NILGOSC Equality Scheme 

NILGOSC’s Equality Scheme was reviewed and updated in 2016, in accordance with guidance issued by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI).  A summary report of review of the implementation of the Scheme is contained below.   The updated Equality Scheme was issued for consultation from 9 March 2017 to 1 June 2017.  A summary of the consultation responses is included below.

The most recent Audit of Inequalities was completed in February 2018.  The consultation on the Audit of Inequalities and the revised draft Equality Action Plan 2018-21 was issued for consultation from 7 February to 26 April 2018. No responses were received for this consultation. The Section 75 Audit of Inequalities 2018 and the Equality Action plan 2018-2021 are available below.

Equality Screening Reports



Copies of previous years’ Equality Screening Reports are available on request from the Equality Officer at

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