How do I transfer?

A transfer request form, LGS8, and a Public Service Pensions History Form, LGS10, can be found in the Document Library.  These forms should be completed and returned to NILGOSC within one month of receiving your membership letter.  NILGOSC will then contact your previous pension provider for a transfer quotation.  On receipt of this, NILGOSC will provide you with a transfer acceptance form stating the benefits that we will provide you with if the transfer proceeds.  If you wish to transfer you should complete the transfer acceptance form and return it to NILGOSC.  It is important that this form is returned within 12 months of your date of joining the Scheme.  NILGOSC will then request payment from your previous provider.  We will write to you to confirm the benefits the transfer payment has brought. 

Please contact NILGOSC directly if you need more information.