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If you have pension rights in another public service pension scheme where Club Transfer rules apply

Providing you have not had a break of more than five years between leaving another public service pension scheme and joining the Scheme and the election to transfer is made within 12 months of joining the Scheme, the transfer may be dealt with under Club Transfer rules.

The amount of extra pension which is added to your pension account will be equal to the amount of pension you had built up in your pension account in the previous scheme.  The extra pension is added to your pension account in the year it is received. 

If the transfer from the other public service pension scheme also includes a final salary element (usually in respect of membership up to 31 March 2015) that element will buy final salary scheme membership in the Scheme, providing you have not had a continuous break in active membership of a public service pension scheme of more than five years.  The transfer value will give you broadly equivalent benefits in the Scheme providing you apply for the transfer within 12 months of the joining the Scheme.

Transfers from other public service pension schemes that operate in the Public Sector Transfer Club can result in service credits that are of greater value in the LGPS (NI) than they were in the previous scheme. The increase in the value of benefits is likely to be significant if there is a large increase in your salary when you left your old employer compared to your salary with your new employer. This growth in benefits must be tested against the annual allowance for pension savings purposes. It is your personal responsibility to declare any tax liability arising from this on your self-assessment form.

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