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What is my Normal Pension Age?

This is the age at which you are able to draw your pension benefits without any reductions or enhancements.

Prior to the introduction of the CARE Scheme on 01/04/2015, the Local Government Pension Scheme (NI) had a Normal Retirement Age of 65 years, however since this transition, the normal pension age is now in line with your New State Pension Age (with a minimum of 65 years old). If you left the Scheme before 01/04/2015 you will have a Normal Retirement Age of 65.

You can find out your State Pension Age by visiting the website.

Early Retirement

If you voluntarily retire before your Normal Pension Age, your benefits will normally be reduced as your pension will be paid for longer.

The reduction is based on the length of time (in years and days) that you retire early i.e. the period between the date your benefits are paid and your Normal Pension Age, meaning that the earlier you retire, the greater the reduction.

As a guide, the current percentage reductions for retirements up to 13 years early are shown on ourĀ Early Retirement webpage. Where the number of years is not exact, the reduction percentages are adjusted accordingly.

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