Performance standards

In May 1997, the Management Committee approved service standards for key NILGOSC activities, and set a performance target for each service standard.  The service standards are reviewed annually, and performance against the targets is monitored by the Committee.  In April 2020, the internal auditor, ASM, tested NILGOSC’s service standards reporting system and performance outturn as part of its annual validations review. 

The following is a summary of performance against the service standards during 2019/20.

(Working Days)
TargetWithin Standard
Lump sum retirement payments10 Days90%98%
Death grant payments10 Days90%93%
Leaver options notifications20 Days90%96%
Refund payments10 Days95%99%
Transfer out quotations20 Days90%99%
Transfer out payments10 Days90%94%
Transfer in quotations10 Days90%98%
Transfer in confirmations20 Days90%99%
New entrants’ certificates20 Days95%100%
Correspondence10 Days95%97%
Benefit quotation requests10 Days90%95%
Issue members’ annual reportby 30 November100%100%
Issue members’ annual benefit statementsWithin 5 months of year end, unless relevant data unavailable100%99%
Pensions paid each monthLast banking day of month100%100%
P60s issued to all pensionersBy 31 May100%100%

The 2019/20 year has been a successful year for all teams and due to all their hard work and effort, all but one of the 15 service standards was achieved. NILGOSC was unable to issue 0.03% of its active membership with an annual benefit statement due to unknown addresses, or if information essential to the production of the statement is missing e.g. pensionable pay details.  Some members joined the employer too late to be on the final payroll for the year and therefore had no pay details recorded.