Satisfaction survey

2021/22 results

A Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey for the year 2021/22 was carried out in February 2022. Surveys were drawn up for members, deferred members and pensioners, relevant to the service they receive from NILGOSC. Approximately 3,750 surveys were sent to the three member groups, and the response rate averaged at 22.5%. In addition, online surveys were also sent to all 171 employing authorities. A total of 51 employers responded to the survey, a response rate of 30%.

Satisfaction levels, which are measured with respect to the percentage of good or excellent ratings given, ranged from 81% for deferred members, 92% for active members and 97% of pensioners. 95% of employers indicated a satisfaction rating of good or excellent. The aggregate satisfaction rate across all stakeholder groups was 91%.

The surveys focused on three main areas:

  • Publications – participants were asked to rate publications on the relevance of information contained, presentation and layout, and ease of understanding. 
  • Customer service – this section included questions relating to staff knowledge, courtesy, and professionalism.
  • My NILGOSC Pension Online and the NILGOSC website


Respondents were asked to rank communication materials on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being poor and 5 being excellent). Questions related to relevance of information, presentation and layout and ease of understanding. 93% of member respondents and 95% of employers rated NILGOSC communications as being good or excellent

Customer Service

The survey examined a range of areas relating to customer service for members. Overall customer service received a good or excellent rating from members and employers of 89.5% and 88% respectively.

My NILGOSC Pension Online

My NILGOSC Pension Online is a self-service facility that allows members to access their pension details securely and update their information.  They can check the value of their pension benefits, update personal details and estimate the value of their pension upon retirement. Elements of My NILGOSC Pension Online ranked included ease of registration, quality and accuracy of information provided, look and layout of website and ease of use and 92% of respondents rated these categories as good or excellent.

All respondents were asked to rate the look, usefulness, and quality of content on the NILGOSC website. Satisfaction across all stakeholder groups was high with 94% of respondents rating the NILGOSC website as good or excellent.