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Training and events to learn more about the Scheme

“Informative interactive session that could benefit all employers involved with the Scheme”

– Seminar Attendee

Training on administration of the Scheme

We hold training sessions on general administration and form filling twice a year, in May and in November. This training covers joining, changes during active membership, through to leaving the Scheme. Annual return training is provided separately in January each year. We also hold seminars for employers from time to time on topics such as the triennial valuation.  Due to the current pandemic we have moved to remote training via MS Teams and to keep the sessions to one hour in length we have created sessions on specific topics of interest:

  • Administration during membership
    • This session will cover all the administration and form filling requirements for new members joining the Scheme, contributions rates, and the relevant forms associated with any changes that may occur through the duration of their employment
  • Administration for leavers
    • This session deals with the administration requirements when an employee leaves the Scheme, including refunds, retirements and deaths
  • Assumed pensionable pay (APP)
    • This session takes a detailed look at the calculation and application of A‍P‍P. It will look at the requirements of calculating A‍P‍P for active Scheme members, the impact on employer contributions, and the Annual Return requirements for pensionable pay. The practical example, and associated forms, is followed right through to ill-health retirement.
  • Employer discretions
    • This session covers the various discretions that are available to employers under the regulations and includes a sample policy statement that can be used by employers as a template when formulating or updating their own policy statement.
Upcoming TrainingDate & Time
MembershipNext session expected in November 2022
LeaversNext session expected in November 2022
Assumed Pensionable PayNext session expected in November 2022
Employer DiscretionsNext session expected in November 2022

Please email if you have any queries or if you’d like to arrange any employer training sessions.

Pension information sessions

NILGOSC can provide in-house training/information seminars for your employees. The types of training that we can provide includes:

  • Welcome to the Scheme for members who joined in the last 12 months
  • Approaching retirement
  • Scheme benefits including boosting your pension
  • Redundancy benefits

We are also able to provide a Pension Information Clinic for your employees, usually on a pre-booked appointment system with 20 to 30-minute time slots. This provides an opportunity to discuss pension queries with a NILGOSC representative on a one-to-one basis. These clinics are usually most beneficial if offered after your employees have attended a pension presentation.

Upcoming TrainingDate & Time
Approaching RetirementMid-2022
Welcome to the SchemeMid-2022
Scheme Benefits Mid-2022

For information on how your employees can join any of the above member sessions please see Member Training and events.

Requesting training

If your training needs are bespoke or more urgent than the above upcoming training sessions, or if you’d like to arrange a pension information session for your employees, please contact our Employer Liaison Officer, Ruth Benson, on 0345 3197 320 or email