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What to do if you are re-employed by a Scheme employer.

If you become re-employed by an employer who participates in the Scheme, please inform NILGOSC immediately, regardless of whether or not you re-join the Scheme, and inform your new employer that you currently receive a Local Government Pension.

NILGOSC does not reduce or suspend LGPS (NI) pensions, however the rules regarding additional compensation pensions are different and these compensatory pensions can be reduced or suspended where a pensioner becomes re-employed.

If you are unsure whether or not your employer is in the LGPS (NI), please contact us or visit the¬†‘Contributing Employers‘¬†section where you will find a list of employers that currently contribute to the Scheme.

To advise NILGOSC of your new employment, please email the Pensions Payroll Team on [email protected] or write to us providing details of your new employment.

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