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Board meetings

The Committee meets every month, with the exception of April, July and October.

Minutes of Committee Meetings

Minutes will be redacted as necessary to preserve individual and commercial confidentiality.

Minutes of Committee Meetings

Committee Meeting Minutes

Committee attendance 2022/23

The management Committee met 8 times during 2022/23. The Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, Internal Dispute Resolution Committee and Staffing Committee each met four times during the year. A schedule of attendance for the 2022/23 financial year is shown in the following table.

Committee MemberCommittee Meeting Attendance ManagementCommittee Meeting Attendance StaffingCommittee Meeting Attendance IDRCCommittee Meeting Attendance ARAC
Joan McCaffrey7043
Lindsay Todd8000
Mark McBride7004
Antoinette McMillen8003
Paul Francey6300
John Tohill7400
Michael Rafferty8003
Shane McCurdy7300
Peter Moore8040
Kenneth Clayton8040
Alan Law8400
Heather McKinstry7030
Derek McCallan8040
Average attendance93.3%87.5%95.0%81.3%
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