Member biographies

Lindsay Todd, OBE


Lindsay Todd OBE has lengthy experience in the pension fund industry and was, until his retirement, a partner in PWC, the professional services firm. He currently serves on the NI Judicial Appointments Commission, for which he receives £338 per day and is a member of the Development Board at Marie Curie NI. He is a member of the Investment Committee at Queen’s University Belfast, a member of the Northern Ireland Investment Fund Scrutiny Board and the Disciplinary Panel of the Chartered Accountants’ Regulatory Board in Ireland. 

Mr Paul Francey


Mr Paul Francey has been a Trade Union activist for the past fifteen years. He has been a work place organiser for the GMB Trade Union for the past five years and held the position of the Railway Branch Secretary for four years. He has experience leading and managing pay disputes on behalf of the GMB Trade Union. Mr Francey has previous experience of sitting on the NILGOSC Local Government Advisory Board. He also brings knowledge of governance, finance and public accountability to the Committee.

Mr Michael Rafferty


Mr Rafferty is a Chartered Accountant with experience across the private, public and third sectors, and is currently the Group Director of Finance & Resources for Choice Housing Association. He brings skills and experience relating to financial management and risk management to the Committee, in complex organisational and regulatory environments. Mr Rafferty also has project management experience, including the creation and implementation of new policies.

Mr JJ Tohill


Mr Tohill is Director of Finance and a member of Mid Ulster District Council’s Senior Management Team with responsibility for the finance function, and the design and implementation of effective controls.  He has experience of using communication and influencing skills in a complex public sector reform environment involving challenging restructuring and cultural issues.

Joan McCaffrey


Joan McCaffrey  previously held the posts of Director of Corporate Services and Governance at Fermanagh and Omagh District Council and Chief Finance Officer at Omagh District Council. During that time she had responsibility for the management and financial accounting functions as well as a wider corporate governance role during her time as Director. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Mark McBride


Mark McBride is a former Head of Finance and Performance at Belfast City Council. He is a Council Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) and a Trustee of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Pension Scheme. He is experienced in corporate governance, setting and implementing long-term plans and strategies and whilst supporting a range of stakeholders with the provision of information to support decisions reached. Mark brings his finance and human resources experience to the Committee.

Antoinette McMillen


Antoinette McMillen is an official and lead negotiator with over 30 years’ experience for the public sector trade union NIPSA ( Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance ). She has led a number of trade union teams within the Northern Ireland Civil Service involved in negotiating pay, pensions and terms and conditions of service. She has developed good working relationships with employers ,other trade unions and has been instrumental in the formulation, development and implementation of strategic policy in various areas of the public sector as well as major organisational initiatives including single status agreements and the Review of Public Administration in Local Government. She has extensive experience in key Governance issues and campaigns aimed at protecting and strengthening public services and has overseen the prosecution of class action holiday pay tribunal cases in the Northern Ireland Civil Service. She currently serves as a Trustee of the NIPSA Pension Scheme.

Mr Kenneth Clayton


Mr Clayton, now retired, was a Trade Union Co-ordinator in Belfast City Council through which he has a range of experience relating to industrial relations matters including as lead TU official in a range of negotiations. As a Union Branch Chair (Unite), he has held a range of positions in various committees and working groups such as the Local Government Joint Reform Group and the Unions Local Authority Pension’s Committee through which he gained experience in good governance and financial management. He holds no other public appointments and has had no political activity in the last 5 years.

Mr Alan Law


Mr Law is a Trade Union Official with NIPSA which involves leading in various negotiations with experience of developing and sustaining relationships with a range of stakeholders. He is currently the Chair of the Trustees of NIPSA’s Defined Benefit Pension Scheme through which he analyses investment reports, challenges assumptions and seeks advice from advisors. He has also experience in responding to consultations and developing policies which have covered finance functions and governance. He holds no other public appointments and has had no political activity in the last 5 years.

Mr Peter Moore


Mr Moore is a Qualified Chartered Accountant employed by Translink with responsibility for economic appraisals and post project evaluations as well as other financial and economic matters.  He has been, and continues to be, a member of a number of project boards where he provides a challenge function and looks to ensure consensus is reached, particularly in the area of project governance. He presents the Matters for Approval at Translink’s monthly executive meeting. His experience has allowed him to build effective relationships at all levels within Translink and the Department for Infrastructure. He holds no other public appointments and has had no political activity in the last 5 years.

Mr Shane McCurdy


Mr McCurdy is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy. He is the current Head of Corporate Services at the Controlled Schools’ Support Council and a former Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of the North Eastern Education and Library Board (NEELB). In that role he was responsible for the management and governance of all matters relating to the affairs of the Board and educational support services. For many years he had been the Chief Finance Officer for the NEELB and he was the Interim Head of Finance for the Education Authority on its establishment in 2015. He holds no other public appointments and has had no political activity in the last 5 years.