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Annual Pension Benefit Statement

Members receive an Annual Benefit Statement in August each year, estimating the benefits they have built up by the end of the last financial year.  This Statement is NOT a Document of Title and all benefits will be subject to the current legislation at the time of payment.

Annual Benefit Statements for Deferred members were published to the member’s online account on My NILGOSC Pension Online in June 2020, unless the member had chosen to receive these by post.

You may receive more than one statement if you have several jobs with your employer and if you pay Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), you will receive a separate statement from your AVC provider.

The Scheme also provides valuable life cover and these statements show an estimated value of the lump sum death grant and survivor’s pension payable in the event of your death.

These statements are sent to your home address so it is important that you keep us updated if you move house.  You can update your address via your My NILGOSC Pension Online account or by visiting the ‘Keep Us Updated’ section of our website.

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