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Re-joining the Scheme

Combining your deferred benefits with a new period of membership.

If you re-join the Scheme by becoming employed again with an employer who participates in the Scheme, we will give you the option to combine your deferred benefits with your new period of membership.

If you wish to combine your benefits, you must elect to do so within twelve months of re-joining the Scheme or such longer period as your employer may allow.

If you become entitled to your deferred benefits as a result of making an election to opt out, you will not be able to join your two periods of membership together and you will have two sets of pension benefits in the Scheme.  

Re-joining the Scheme as an active member will affect the level of death grant payable.  We can only pay out the highest death grant should you die in service, not the total of all death grants relating to active, deferred and pensioner memberships.

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