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Annual returns

Information on submitting annual returns at the end of each financial year (31 March).

At the end of each financial year (31 March), employers are required to submit a statement (pre-populated Excel spreadsheet or an agreed alternative) showing the pensionable pay, annual rate of pay and contributions for each member of the Scheme. The totals of this statement (reconciliation form) should balance with the total of the monthly remittances made to NILGOSC. A pre-populated Excel spreadsheet will be issued to you in March for completion. This must be completed, checked and returned to NILGOSC before 30 April 2024. Please refer to the circular below for the Contribution Bandings for 2023-2024.

Please ensure that the pre-formatted spreadsheet, submission checklist and reconciliation sheet are completed.

Electronic Submission of annual returns

For information on annual returns, please download the circular below. 

The txt file specification is for employers who wish to have a report produced from their payroll software automatically. The txt file must conform to the specification set out in the circular.

Use our secure email portal to return your completed pre-populated spreadsheet, submission checklist and contributions reconciliation.

Annual Returns Training

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