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Electronic returns to improve the returns process and quality of data.

Up until 2022, NILGOSC has received information on members’ pay and contributions from its employers on an annual basis, usually in April each year for the preceding year. These returns of information are known as annual returns.

In order to improve the process and the data quality, NILGOSC is gradually moving its employers across to electronic returns that are submitted to NILGOSC every time that payroll is run. The secure straight-through processing system used for these regular returns is known as ‘i-Connect’.

Data is taken from the employer’s payroll system, automatically identifying new joiners, opt-outs and leavers and generates an extract for submission to NILGOSC. The benefits of these frequent electronic updates will be a reduced risk of errors, timely data submissions, improved flow of data from HR and payroll systems to NILGOSC, new starts and leavers should be identified much sooner in the process and members will be able to view more up to date information on My NILGOSC Pension Online.

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