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Automatic re-enrolment

What is automatic re-enrolment?

Automatic re-enrolment is a repeat of the duties that the employer carried out at its staging date or deferral date if it used postponement. An employer must re-enrol eligible staff into an automatic enrolment scheme, if they are not already active members or if they have previously opted out of the Scheme. However, an employer can choose not to automatically re-enrol an eligible jobholder where any of the exemptions detailed below apply.

Postponement cannot be used at re-enrolment.

The Pension Scheme Registry Number (PSR) for the LGPS (NI) is 10123043, the EPSR is not needed for the Re-Declaration of Compliance.


An employer can choose not to automatically re-enrol an eligible jobholder if the jobholder has;

  • Opted out of the Scheme less than 12 months prior to the re-enrolment date; or
  • Given notice to terminate their employment before the end of the period of 6 weeks beginning with the re-enrolment date; or
  • There are reasonable grounds to believe that the eligible jobholder had Primary Protection, Enhanced Protection, Fixed Protection 2012, Fixed Protection 2014, Fixed Protection 2016 or Individual Protection.
Members in 50/50 section

If you have any members in the 50/50 section at your re-enrolment date you should move them back into the main section. Members may complete another LGS12 (election to join the 50/50 section) and if they do so before payroll closes they would have continuous 50/50 membership.

Enrolling former members

Former members who could not be automatically enrolled at the original staging date because they had opted out of the Scheme more than 12 months before the staging date should be enrolled at the re-enrolment date.

Re-enrolling staff

If an employer has eligible staff it must put them into its automatic enrolment scheme within six weeks of its automatic re-enrolment date and write to them. An employer only needs to write to the staff affected by re-enrolment. These newly enrolled staff can choose to opt out of the Scheme again if they wish. If they choose to do so, the employer must advise NILGOSC and action the opt out appropriately.


If an employer has eligible staff to re-enrol it must complete its re-declaration of compliance online within two months of its selected re-enrolment date. If the employer has no eligible staff to re-enrol its re-declaration deadline is the day before the third anniversary of its original declaration of compliance.

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