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30 day rule

Since the principal regulations were made in 2015 there have been a few amendments to the treatment of contributions after a period of authorised unpaid absence.  At first, employers had to provide details of the lost pensionable pay to a member and they then could buy an APC to cover the lost pension for this period.  The regulations were later amended to state that contributions were automatically payable for the first 30 consecutive days of this type of absence.  This meant that there was no lost pension for the first 30 days and no need for an APC where the absence was for less than 31 consecutive days.  Employers needed to include the relevant APP in the CARE totals provided in year-end annual returns. 

Since 18 April 2022, the rules changed again to say that contributions are only automatically paid for absences of 30 consecutive days or less.  If the absence continues beyond 30 consecutive days then no contributions are due for the entire absence period and an APC will be needed if the member wishes to cover the entire period of absence (including the first 30 days).

There are no changes to other types of absence (i.e. unauthorised absence, relevant child-related leave, strike, reserve forces leave, or absence due to illness or injury) apart from an expansion of the definition of ‘child-related leave’ to include parental bereavement leave.

30 Day Rule FAQs

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