Annual information

Annual newsletter

Our annual newsletter contains a range of news and updates for contributing members. It can also be downloaded as a PDF document by clicking here (*PDF, 1,537KB).  

Pension benefit statements

You will receive a pension benefit statement each year that estimates the pension you have built up to the end of the last financial year.  In addition the statement shows an estimated lump sum death grant and survivor’s pensions payable in the event of your death.  This statement is an estimate and all pension benefits will be subject to current legislation at the time of payment.

These benefit statements are usually issued in August.  They will be published online to your online account on My NILGOSC Pension Online from August 2021, unless you have chosen to receive them by post.  You can log onto My NILGOSC Pension Online at any time and use the benefit projectors to estimate the value of your benefits at any given date.

You may receive more than one statement if you have several jobs with your employer.  If you pay additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) you will receive a separate statement from your AVC provider.

Annual Report and Accounts 

A copy of the Annual Report and Accounts is available every year on request from NILGOSC.