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The Local Government Pension Scheme (NI) (the Scheme) is a defined benefit scheme that allows you to save while you are working in order to enjoy a pension when you retire.

The Scheme is provided by your employer who meets a large part of the cost of providing the excellent range of secure pension benefits. It is an extremely valuable and important part of your employment package.

If you have joined your employer as a new employee and are eligible for membership, then you will automatically be brought into the Scheme, unless your contract is for less than three months, in which case you can opt to join the Scheme by advising your Salaries and Wages Department. They will then send your details to us.

If you have opted out of the Scheme and your employer is required to comply with the automatic enrolment provisions your employer may automatically enrol you into the Scheme at certain times.

Your employer must notify you if this happens and you would then have the right to opt out again.

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