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Qualifying period

The qualifying period in the Scheme is two years.

A member meets the two year qualifying period if:

  • they have been a member of the Scheme for two years, or
  • they have transferred in pension rights from a different occupational pension scheme or from a European pensions institution and the length of service they had in that scheme or institution was two or more years or, when added to the period of time they have been a member of the Scheme is two or more years, or
  • they have brought a transfer of pension rights into the Scheme from a pension scheme or arrangement in which they were not allowed to receive a refund of contributions, or they have previously transferred pension rights out of the Scheme to a pension scheme abroad (i.e. to a qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme), or
  • they already hold a deferred benefit or are receiving a pension from the Scheme (other than a survivor’s pension or pension credit member’s pension), or
  • they have paid National Insurance contributions while a member of the Scheme and cease to contribute to the Scheme in the tax year of reaching pension age, or they cease to contribute to the Scheme at age 75, or
  • they die in service.
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