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Late retirement

If you carry on working after your normal pension age you will continue to pay into the Scheme, building up further benefits.

We will pay your pension when you retire, when you reach the eve of your 75th birthday, or if you take flexible retirement, whichever occurs first.  If you draw your pension after your normal pension age, it will be increased to reflect the fact that it will be paid later. 

If you wish, you may defer drawing your pension, even though you have stopped working. However, your pension must be paid by your 75th birthday. Your pension will be increased to reflect the fact that it was not paid at retirement.

Voluntary Retirement Calculator – Tutorial

You can use the voluntary retirement calculator on your My NILGOSC Pension Online account to estimate what your annual pension and lump sum (if applicable) will be, by entering the date you would like to retire. You can run as many estimates as you wish and see the impact of giving up annual pension for a lump sum. The video below shows you how the calculator works.

Voluntary Retirement Calculator – Video Transcript

Read transcript (83KB, PDF)
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