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Approaching Retirement

The presenter was clear, concise and very professional. The best presenter I have seen in a long time. The tone was 100% and no jargon was used.

Attendee from recent session

This session is aimed at employees who may be thinking of retiring in the next few years. It will cover the different types of retirement, how benefits are calculated and will include a demonstration of My NILGOSC Pension Online and how to tailor your own pension projections. Topics covered include:

  • Scheme Background
  • Types of Retirement
  • How Your Pension is Calculated
  • Pension Claim Forms
  • Survivor Benefits
  • My NILGOSC Pension Online
  • Questions and Answers

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This session was held in January 2024. You always have the opportunity to leave feedback after attending one of our sessions using the Online Feedback Form.

Approaching Retirement Video Transcription (541KB, PDF)

Questions and Answers

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