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Welcome to the Scheme

I feel this was a very good presentation, giving an overview of the NILGOSC scheme which was easy to understand and presented very well by the speaker.

Attendee from recent session

This session is suitable for employees who have joined the pension scheme within the previous 12 months and is also helpful for employees who have opted out but may wish to know more about the Scheme. The session will explain the main Scheme benefits, contributions and AVCs/APCs, transfers and aggregating other pensions. There will also be a demonstration of how to access My NILGOSC Pension Online to keep track of their NILGOSC pension and to plan for future retirement. Topics covered include:

  • Scheme Background
  • How to Join
  • What to Expect upon Joining and Anything That You Need to Do
  • Benefits of Being in the Scheme
  • Increasing and Decreasing Your Contributions
  • Leaving the Scheme Before Retirement
  • Retirement
  • My NILGOSC Pension Online
  • Questions and Answers

Upcoming Sessions

Not yet scheduled, but expected to be in January 2024. Please register your interest if you would like to be notified of the next planned session.

Previous Sessions

This session was run on Monday 26 April 2021. You can leave feedback using our Online Feedback Form.

Questions and Answers

Yes, if you are still within 12 months of joining.  Please complete form LGS8 and send it to us either by email or using the document upload facility in My NILGOSC Pension Online.

If you are paying AVCs you can increase, decrease, stop and start again at any time.  If you are paying APCs you can only increase or decrease by ending the existing contract and starting a new one.  The new contract will be based on your age at the time the new contract starts.

You can start an APC at any time, however for your employer to pay two thirds of the cost you are required to make the election within 30 days of returning to work. Your employer may choose to waive the 30 day limit, under certain circumstances in line with their policy, and you can have a chat with them to see if it would apply to your break.

No, AVC payments can only be made through your payroll.

Prudential is the in-house AVC provider.  You can contribute to any freestanding AVC provider, however you will only be able to take up 25% of the FSAVC fund as tax-free cash.  The benefit of an in-house AVC is that your main Scheme benefits are included in the calculation of your total pension fund value and therefore 25% of this is a much higher tax-free cash figure than with a FSAVC.

We would recommend that you register and check this using ‘My NILGOSC Pension Online’ but the reduction percentages can be found here:

You will continue to pay at your usual percentage rate but you will only pay on what is received.  The amount of contributions you pay will be lower but you will continue to build pension on the pay you were earning before the maternity leave.

No, the benefits payable are determined by the regulations and are not impacted by the cause of death.

Please phone our office and we will be able to verify your date of birth with your employer and help you complete your registration.

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