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FAQs for Councillors

While you are separated, your spouse or civil partner continue to be entitled to survivor’s benefits.  You may wish to update your Expression of Wish form so that NILGOSC is aware of your wishes for payment of any death grant and/or AVC fund value.

If you get divorced or your civil partnership is dissolved your ex-partner is no longer entitled to survivor’s benefits.

If your Scheme benefits are subject to a Pension Sharing Order or Earmarking Order your benefits will be reduced in accordance with the Court Order or Agreement.

If you remarry, enter into a new civil partnership or have an eligible cohabiting partner, any pension payable following your death will be reduced to take account of the pension share.  Benefits payable to eligible children will not be reduced because of a pension share.

You cannot assign your pension benefits to someone else nor use them as security for a loan.

No. Flexible retirement is not available for councillors.

No. The 50/50 section of the Scheme is not available to councillors.

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