Lump sum death grant

The lump sum death grant is equal to three times assumed pensionable pay.  If you are part-time, it is three times assumed pensionable part-time pay. 

If you have other deferred or pensioner benefits, the death grant payable is the higher of either the active death grant or the sum of the deferred and pensioner death grants. 

Expression of Wish Form

The Scheme allows you to say who you would like any death grant and/or proceeds from your AVC fund to be paid to by completing a form. All members are strongly advised to complete a death grant Expression of Wish form and to ensure that it is kept up to date. A new form must be completed if marital or partnership circumstances change.

It should be noted that under the regulations, the Committee retains absolute discretion when deciding to whom to pay any death grant. This discretion enables the death grant normally to be paid free of inheritance tax.