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Publication scheme

All public authorities are required to adopt the model scheme as stipulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office – NILGOSC has adopted the scheme set out for all Non-Departmental Public Bodies. The Publication Scheme sets out the information that NILGOSC will publish and how it will do so. Publication does not refer solely to printed material. Publication has been interpreted as broadly as possible to include electronic documents, information on the website, minutes of meetings, reports and leaflets.

The Publication Scheme relates to information created by NILGOSC or, in some cases, to information created by NILGOSC in partnership with other organisations. The classes of information to be published are set out under defined headings which reflect the categories of information provided by NILGOSC. The specific types of information available under each of these classes can be accessed below and is also available via the Guide to Information (231KB, PDF)

Click here to view the full Publication Scheme (241KB, PDF)

This section links to financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, fund management and our pay and grading structures.

Fund Management

This section links to information about our strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews and our Corporate Plan and Annual Reports.


This section links to the leaflets, guidance and newsletters produced for administration of the Scheme.

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